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  1. No but if you put it in your frame it will help
  2. Sometimes people do the strangest things when a) they panic or b)their mind justifies the action. An example of b) is the guy who after climbing Mt Kenya I think it was and reaching the summit took the tin which was kept on the summit in which you recorded your achievement I believe this one was panic Sounds like exactly the opposite kind of person you want as a leader
  3. Yes it is! As far as I can make out its only the toxic threads \your little watch tread will survive
  4. I dont want anything.At the moment quite happy where I am.The Hub developed over a period of time with member participation.Its a different animal now.
  5. Depends on the quality of the cycling related content.Not for the NCR Did not join here for the NCR
  6. I am just repeating Admin.If you dispute the numbers go back and inform him
  7. "f we look at it purely from a numbers perspective: Chit chat accounts for 0.6% of our monthly users and 0.9% of our monthly page views, with 3.5% of total forum users participating in or viewing Chit Chat. Simply put, it's not there to generate page views or revenue. It exists with the sole purpose to enhance the community dynamic on Bike Hub. But if it's not serving that purpose or worse having a negative effect on the community, should it still exist?"
  8. If the admin team and moderators do not have the time to spend policing off topics, I doubt they have the time to read and vet every new post on off topic.
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