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[Event] Mad Cow Psychlocross


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Event Name: Mad Cow Psychlocross
When: 25 November 2018
Where: Cowhouse Market, Hazeldean, Gauteng
Category: Cyclocross

Cyclocross: the exhilarating and aerobic sport of racing a bicycle over hill and dale mixing tarmac, gravel, mud, run-ups and obstacles designed to dismount the riders and go it on foot.

Like a mixture of steeple chase and criterium races for road bikes, Cyclocross races repeat a course over a fixed time, with the strongest and fastest riders winning.

For the racers it’s all about skill and high intensity bike racing. For the spectators it’s all about the festival atmosphere, good food and drink and drama of the event.


25 November 2018 will see the first proper Cyclocross event hosted at the Cow House Market in Hazeldean Valley. A popular MTB and trail running venue with craft market, food stalls and the Hazeldean Brewing Co.

The event will sport races for various age categories, for riders from U13 to Open and a kiddies race for the youngsters.

A 1.5Km course will be formed around the market area, with an array of terrains and obstacles, easily accessible to spectators supporting the riders as they battle it out.


Visit www.bouttime.co.za or follow the event on Facebook for more information.

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Would love to enter, but a week's notice is a bit short?


There are more Mad Cow Cyclocross events this year at Cowhouse.

The firs in a series of 4 events was held last week and there are more coming in March, April and May.

Check them out on the events calendar \ cyclocross

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