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I have moved to the coast and saw some guys on FAT bikes riding along the La Mercy beach, this looked amazing, does it warrent an investment? I am in two minds with regards to buying one, is the bike at Sportsmanns Warehouse for 6.5k worth it? I see most of them are 26ers 9 speed?

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It won't be an investment but it will be a bunch of fun... The fad may have died down and people may not be so excited for them, but they are brilliantly fun bikes and I love mine...


Personally, check the classifieds as you can get some very nicely specced ones for that kind of money, otherwise, go ahead and get whatever with big wheels and go play...


I use mine on the beach, on the trails, and particularly like it when camping or exploring new trails.. It goes anywhere and everywhere over whatever surface you throw at it and the maintenance is close to zero with no suspension. Really enjoy them!

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Will be good fun. I would second getting one on the hub classifieds. It was a big fad a couple years back, so lots of people bought and now they are just sitting in the garage - so you can get a good deal.


They are all 26" - the volume of the tyre gives you an overall wheel diameter that is very similar to a normal 29er.


If you really want a new bike I would look at the Titan Whopper.


Fat Bikes are cool - but the only place they are really practical for is the beach or on snow.

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I love my fatbike.  Ride it everywhere.  Even did the Telkom 94.7 on it.  


I agree with everyone above, you can get a nicely spec'ed in the classifieds.


Will it replace your main bike... probably not.  Then again the fatbike is my and my mate's main bike.  


Will it be a head turner?  Will you be chirped? Will you love it?  Hell ya.

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