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Dont buy Powerbeat Power Meters

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I bought a unit in October from a fellow hubber brand new and decided to fit it Friday pass.after fitment was done I needed to calibrate unit and came across difficulty registering unit.i emailed the watteam and received an email stating that the unit was discontinued? Plz contact local distributor.after I what's up the distributor in Jhb I was told that the powerbeat company was liquidated. After numerous messaging I am still left with a WTf... Bicycle Power trading left me with a question ??? Any 1 out there with the same problem?

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Almost had the same problem but fortunately didn't buy as I picked up a quarq at a really good price.


Who is the agent for watt team?

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Hi. Following on from our call earlier.


It seems that in the Watteam Liquidation they have limited access to their app and new installs / sign ups.


We are experiencing simular problems with their international support and our requests to a solution around a new install have gone unanswered.


For the moment we can do the install on your cranks at the BPT officers. We will re open on the 7th of Jan 19.


While not an ideal situation for us, the distributors, to be in and you the user this is the best solution I can officer until Watteam Int. answer my e mails.

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