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Thule FreeRide

Mick Waters

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Has anybody got experience with the Thule Freeride rooftop bike carriers, I will be transporting mountain bikes that weigh under 17kg. Anybody had a bad experience? Is it worth double the price for the Proride?

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I had Freerides and now use the Prorides and I do believe that the Proride is worth the extra cost, but if you are really on a tight budget the Freeride does the job.  It is advised to not use the Freeride with a carbon bicycle frame though.

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Agree with PeterF.


Freeride does the job.



PS - I have a freeride with T-Track adapters and locks/keys which you can have at a small fee.

PM me if interested. 

I am in Randburg Area.

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I've been using the Thule Proride 591 for the last 4-5 years, no problems so far. 


I've used it on carbon hardtails and dual suspension frames. *Touch wood* No frame issues so far and I have to say they really improved the clamp mechanism on the new Proride 598. The clamps go around the frame which should provide a much better hold and they use soft rubber compared to the hard rubber on the 591. The clamp is also torque limited, which means you can't really stress the frame with too much pressure. This is probably the main reason I would consider upgrading.


No experience with the Freeride, but you can get good deals on the Proride second hand.

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