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  1. There should also be some gravel roads towards Swellendam, maybe past Malgas.
  2. I converted my road bike to 1x using a 50 tooth Absolute Black oval chainring up front and a Shimano XT 11-40 cassette at the back with an Ultegra RX derailleur to handle the shifting. It works beautifully and I have all the gears I need. I don't use it for gravel riding though.
  3. Probably letting the air out of the shock would be the easiest. You will obviously need a shock pump though.
  4. Isn't it possible to remove the spider and fit a direct mount chainring?
  5. The 12 speed XT shifter is available with a bar clamp. I don't know if you can purchase the clamp separately though.
  6. Please don't encourage DieselnDust.๐Ÿ˜
  7. This will maybe solve the problem at the bottom of the pedal stroke but won't it compound the problem at the top of the pedal stroke?
  8. Lol, my Dremel is cordless.๐Ÿ˜
  9. Use a Dremel tool to cut a slot in the bolt head then you can use a flat screwdriver to remove it.
  10. Go to a bolt supplier and ask for a high tensile bolt.
  11. The air pressure is to control the return speed of the dropper and not to keep it up.
  12. Go to Crossways you will not be disappointed.
  13. Not advisable, unfortunately there is the occasional mugging in the valley.
  14. The chances of finding an 8mm long bolt are slim. Some cutting may be required.
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