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Thule Bike Locks


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I see so many posts here on stolen bikes where guys say it was locked on a Thule rack.


I only use Thule racks and so know how good/(bad) the locks are.


I have never tried but I would guess 10 seconds with a large screw driver and a vice grip and that lock s gone.


If you need to lock bike on racks and leave it, you really need to know the risk.


What area are you in, is there passing foot traffic, is there car guards.


I carry a very good very thick chain (encased in plastic Hose) in my car with a huge big great quality lock.


EDIT this is attached while driving as I have heard about theft from racks while driving


It takes a while longer and doesn't look cool, but if they want to saw, etc through that then let them try in traffic.


At least I make an effort.



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The guys stealing bikes off racks are cruising around with large bolt cutters.  Your thick chain will be cut within seconds and your bike will be gone. 


Why are people thinking that its safe to leave bikes dangling on the back of cars unattended?  It's not safe on there no matter what you try and do.  Just don't do it. 

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