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Lyne - local is lekker


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Good day guys


I am in the market for a new set of do it all (train & race) rims.


The options is overwelming to say the least.


I was thinking of getting a set of mavic rims. seems everybody loves them and cant stop talking about how bom proof they are. With a bom proof price , i must add.


I came across the Lyne products . and there wheelsets has all the right numbers that one would be looking for in a set.


but i cant seem to find any reviews of how these wheels actualy preform .


Is there any hubbers out there with some first hand exprience on a set of Lyne rims?

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I can attest to the quality of the brand.


Have not owned a set of their wheels...yet. But they are on my wishlist.


Sure plenty Hubbers will arrive at their work desks imminently and come in here to praise the Lyne product line...

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Ha, just do a search. There are a lot of ‘rave’ threads about the Lyne guys and a fair few recommendations and feedback from hubbers who have bought. Their kit is solid and their customer service is second to none.


Rims / wheels sets are very good for the price. The amp ones are tough as woodpecker lips.

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I have the amp 30 v1 on my HT. Hit a couple of rock gardens with tyre pressure little low (was still playing around to find sweet spot) and nothing no dent, no buckle and I am 100kg.

The wheels are light, stiff, cheap, roll great and bombproof and that's not something you find every day.

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had the 27.5 amp 30's and now the v2 Pulse 30 29er and as with all the other products from them i could not be happier

plus , like you've probably read many times,their service is top notch 

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