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Chain/Train Issue


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I find this forum very useful - thank you  :clap:


1. Riding on the beach on Sunday and changed from 2 to 1 (on the chain ring - where the 3 sprockets and the crank is) and the chain came right off the cog. Was floating between 1 and 2 and crank was just spinning. Got it back on and no more issues.


2. Training yesterday and did the same thing 2 to 1, but this time the chain started to move down onto 1 but jammed. Crank would not turn forwards, back-pedalled and the chain sat back fine - then no more issues.


Is this a chain problem or sprocket/chain ring issue? Had a good look and the teeth on the sprocket all look different and the chain looks like a chain to me.


(I had to Google the terms :ph34r: )...



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HI Catherine and welcome to the hub,


1. Clean and lube the chain - this often eases up any shifting issues (especially if you're riding on beaches). The are endless debates about the best way to achieve this on the hub, so feel free to try out any of the ideas that make sense.

2. Clean any gunk off the shift cable too.

3. visit a bike shop for an opinion. it may just be an issue of adjusting the derailleur, or something may be bent/worn. This may cost money.

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it is called chainsuck

it could be a few things, but my guess would be worn chain or very dirty chain.

clean, check and replace chain where necessary.
clean, check and replace chainrings


check front derailleur adjustment

and PLEASE stop riding on the beach, your bike will love you. seasand goes everywhere and corrodes just about everything 

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There is a technique to changing the front chain ring, tap off on the power briefly while the chain is shifting, until it engages the new chain ring properly. 


The back gears can normally be changed without tapping off as much on the power as the change happens quicker. 


Also agree with the points made above.

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