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Cycling Kits from Wish?


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does anyone actually buy jetline action photos?

Yep  :thumbup:  Let me say "not always" but more than a hand full of times  :thumbup:

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I ordered and never received them


That would put me off

No worries with wish if stuff doesnt arrive they refund you.

If it arrives after the expected time they refund you and tell you that if it does arrive later you can keep it.


My wife orders a ton of stuff from them, mostly it gets refunded and then arrives a month or two later. Free stuff is cool stuff.

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I bought from wish , but it was not cycling apparel. received three months later.


Bought plenty of Cycling kit from Allieexpress.

Bibs, Shirts, jackets. No issues with fading etc.

I have items from Italian companies that faded after three years.

Some of my Allieexpress clothing is 5 years old and still look the same. Had a set designed for me at R600 for the set. Still looks Brand new today.(maybe not the shammy)


I also do 40 plus hours a month in the saddle so it is not lying in the cupboard but has plenty miles on it.

Would always recommend allieexpress.


Just be prepared to wait.

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