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Ginger beer recipe ?


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I Know there are loads of them on the interwebs but has any of you got one that is tried and tested (and not a family secret) that actually tastes like the real deal and willing to share it ? Pretty Please.

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This is the one I sometimes make. It works well for camping after a few days when there' plenty of empty soft drink bottles around.


The ingredients are not very strict - e.i. i have used less sugar, less raisins, more dry ginger if i didn't have enough fresh ginger etc. 


I start by boiling the water and cooling it down in one (or 2) Over a day or 2 every time i want to make tea, I just throw out water that was in the kettle (and now cold) into the container and then boil a full kettle again even if I only need a cup. Probably not necessary but I like the idea that my water was 'sterilized' before starting. The last 2-3 cups I boil and add to the cold mix so that the water is lukewarm when I make the mix.


5-6 litres of lukewarm water 

2 tablespoons ground ginger

3 tablespoons grated ginger

3-5 cups of sugar (I use less but that's up to you)

a handful of raisins


Throw all of this in the container with your lukewarm water, stir until the sugar is dissolved. 

I wrap this in an old towel and put it on a table outside (Once you experienced a ginger beer bomb in your kitchen you want to make it outside)


Let it brew for 24 hours or more. (more is better)


Strain and put in the fridge.


If you haven't made ginger beer before, maybe read up a bit about the containers you should put it in, leaving space at the top etc. It's quite a mess when one of these bottles explode.


Post photos when you make it!

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