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  1. I got hold of a new spark 910 (Contessa, in the most exquisite salmon pink) last year for 54k. it was 2020 stock. It was a small, which helped - the medium was quite a bit more expensive. O got mine through Linden Cycles - where are you based?
  2. 10000 in a full year should have been broken a long time ago. Maybe finally next year.
  3. Everything Escapee said. I am very jealous,
  4. Loved the ride this morning. Wasn't wasn't as flat as the promo suggested - great last minute training for Reitz BielieMielie next weekend.
  5. I overestimated by ability to get up for a morning-commute when it's pouring outside. It's so much easier in the afternoons - got to get home. So Hairy, even though you wont be cycling for a while, I haven't caught you like I hoped, and now heading for work-from-home the next 2 weeks. Will try again next month!
  6. I'm sure Rosemary Hill was on this list, but now can't find it anywhere. It will have to be Northern Farms, then. Hope it's not too muddy after the recent torrential rain.
  7. Loved the stats that was available on Endomondo - last year I could keep tabs on everyone's weekly/monthly mileage, insights into riding patterns, see when the patterns changed - for me, last year was as much an exercise in data mining than it was in being outside for longer. Those types of stats isn't available on Strava - or Iif they are, I dont know where to look. I see on their email they suggest MapMyRun. nayone got experience with that?
  8. My husband is trying to fit he whole year into the last few weeks ... so we entered BielieMielie in less than 2 weeks, and the weekend after that, Sani stagger trailrun ... after 6 months of doing very little, I will have to either run or cycle into the office to cram in all the last minute training I can get - nevermind the weather.
  9. I'm in two minds about that. We've been working from home 2 weeks, and then in to office 2 weeks. Love the commutes on mornings like today - The Jakaranda-purple streets washed clean after the weekend storms. But love the convenience of working from home!
  10. Crazy afternoon in Sandton as well ... was still recovering from the shock of the car squeezing past me on a single lane with oncoming traffic just before the pavement starts, when the big bakkie on the mentioned pavement started reversing seemingly totally unaware of anything else on the space he is aiming for... Glad to live another day!
  11. You're also in Sandton area? Nothing is flat around here! At least that's what i keep telling myself if I take an hour to cycle 14 km ...
  12. Weekly reports of attacks in the Spruit, so the fun singletracksections are off limits for now - which means most is tar now. This morning's ride was 14 km with 300m ascent. Joburg is not flat, which is great for using commutes as training.
  13. Ag no man Hairy - I was hoping to catch you before the end of next week.
  14. Ouzo did you sommer take 13th spot while you were on your way up? We are working 2 weeks in office and 2 weeks from home, so I also started to get some commuting in again. It's slow going, but great to be back.
  15. So close, but not. My Giant Trance from 2009 finally has to retire ... I had 2 extra hangers - they are similar, but not quite like yours.
  16. Good luck for tomorrow. Hope you come back the day after tomorrow with some good news.
  17. Sorry to see you've commuted this morning
  18. When working for Unisa years ago I used the gym of the campus next door. Few times waited for the water to get warm just to realise it's holiday. No students on campus = all geysers off. There were a few cold mornings.
  19. Noticed that there was a 3/4 commute in to the office one day, and after that nothing. Glad you're ok. Time for +1
  20. I was wondering about comrades or Ironman after all those runs. Hope that injury heals up quickly!
  21. This is the one I sometimes make. It works well for camping after a few days when there' plenty of empty soft drink bottles around. The ingredients are not very strict - e.i. i have used less sugar, less raisins, more dry ginger if i didn't have enough fresh ginger etc. I start by boiling the water and cooling it down in one (or 2) Over a day or 2 every time i want to make tea, I just throw out water that was in the kettle (and now cold) into the container and then boil a full kettle again even if I only need a cup. Probably not necessary but I like the idea that my water was 'sterilized' before starting. The last 2-3 cups I boil and add to the cold mix so that the water is lukewarm when I make the mix. 5-6 litres of lukewarm water 2 tablespoons ground ginger 3 tablespoons grated ginger 3-5 cups of sugar (I use less but that's up to you) a handful of raisins Throw all of this in the container with your lukewarm water, stir until the sugar is dissolved. I wrap this in an old towel and put it on a table outside (Once you experienced a ginger beer bomb in your kitchen you want to make it outside) Let it brew for 24 hours or more. (more is better) Strain and put in the fridge. If you haven't made ginger beer before, maybe read up a bit about the containers you should put it in, leaving space at the top etc. It's quite a mess when one of these bottles explode. Post photos when you make it!
  22. Doesn't matter where you are on the leaderboard, you will soon find yourself chasing the dude just ahead of you or trying to stay ahead of the person chasing you. Welcome and enjoy, Dizzy!
  23. Glorious day for commuting in Gauteng this morning. Fresh and misty and sunshiny and clean after the days of rain.
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