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Hey fellow Hubbers.

I'm looking at getting back into mtbiking.

My budget is R7.5k -R8.5k

I used to own a Giant anthem advanced.

I know with my budget I wont get the same bike with the components I had on it.

I've been looking at the signal 920.

What are your guys opinions?


The 3 bikes I've looked at so far are the signal 920

Giant talon

Silverback sola 3/4

Or do I look for a good second hand deal?

I will be doing trail trial mostly and district roads

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2nd hand deal for sure if it was me


In that price range you can buy just about any well looked after 26er full suspension. Yea sure, it isn't the latest and the greatest but you'll ride and enjoy it just the same. If you want to go hardtail, you can get a pretty good 29er for the price.

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I have this (well, the 2018 version anyway), admittedly I've upgraded mine a bit (always good deals here if you keep your eyes open). It falls within your price range, comes with tubeless tyres so you just need the valves and rim strip...another couple of hundred Rand. I find it a pretty good bike to ride. Its been hammered a fair bit over rocky paths and performs well on dirt roads. You can always upgrade bits and pieces as the habit develops...! 


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