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Non-tubeless question


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Hi Guys, 


My mate had his bike converted to tubeless when he bought and dropped the non-tubeless Maxxis Rekon's off with me to put on the commuter. 


In my boredom i decided to test it on my MTB as the tyre is a 2.4 and i have a boost frame. Without thinking that it was non-tubeless i put it on, bit of sunlight on the bead and it popped on fairly easily. But, as i was testing i didn't put any sealant in it. While the tyre is now flat, its still seated on the rim. It was leaking out the sides as seen by the bubbles being made. 


That's story time over, now the question. 


If i add sealant to this wheel and chuck some air in it am i going to be disappointed, or is there a small chance that this may work? 


Thanks in advance

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Yes there is a very good chance that they will work . Accepting that you have sealed of the spokes?


Yeah that has been done as i took a tubeless tyre off to test it. 


Those 'white' wall tyres have a weight limit that happens to be below me so i was exploring other options. 

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