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Out with old in with the new? The 5 chosen ones


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Good day trust everyone is well.


So I would appreciated your input, my electronic window shopping the past month has come up with 5 bikes I'm interested in getting as replacement for my Titan Sonic Pro 2017. They are all within the exact same budget bracket, there is 2 hardtail and 3 dual sus, the components are also varied - the only common theme are that all marketed/classified as trail mtb (120mm - 140m). Weekend trail rides will be the usual environment.


The 6 bikes (including mine) in order of my current preference are


1. Giant Trance 2 - 2016

2. Scott Spark 970 - 2019

3. Silverback Stratos Al5 - 2019

4. Keep my Titan Pro - 2017

5. Trek Roscoe 7 - 2019 with upgrades later

6. Silverback Slade Comp 2020.


The last two are new, the rest are quality used. What order would you put them in?

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