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Hi all


Currently sitting with a Shimano BB-MT800 Pressfit on my Momsen Vipa 2016 model. On the weekend I hit a couple of muddy puddles. now there is a funny grinding noise coming from the BB.


Only audible when I put pressure on it. Did the same just before lockdown and thought it an isolated incident.


How do I remedy the problem (washing excluded)?


If I need to go new, what is best?


Cheers in advance

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I don't like to comment on "noises" from afar because the source can be difficult to pin down.  BB noise is usually creaking or a "click".  Grinding noise under pressure could also be from the chain/chainring or even the rear wheel/cassette.


Best is to remove the chain and spin the crank.  You will hear/feel bearing roughness.


You can replace the bb with the same type or opt for a screw together type like the Token, Praxis or Wheels Manufacturing ones.  I prefer the screw together types because they are less prone to creaking and bearing replacement is simple.

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I had the strangest experience with a BB on my Momsen R355 gravel bike! Came back from a loop around my hood the other day and noticed I the pedals turn backwards very stiffly, immediately thought the bearings have had it so I took it in for a checkup as I’ve done about 1000 km on the bike from new...........they found a crap load of long veld grass tightly wrapped around the crank [emoji1787][emoji23]

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Probably dirt in your pedals and or cleats. Had a similar issue and eventually removed my cleats, cleaned the bottom of the shoe properly, cleaned and a touch of grease on the cleat bolts, re-fitted everything. Then moved to the pedals, gave them a proper cleaning.

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