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Noob Biker Seeking Advice on 1st Bike

Anant Makan

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Hi All,


Complete amateur here trying to relive his youth days haha. I was reading up on some other posts which always concluded in not purchasing a Raleigh or other supermarket bike because well they are *** (even though I only had Raleigh bikes in my youth).


So I've been checking black friday deals and came across the following 2 silverback bikes from Solomons and need some advise on what exactly are the differences and what you would go for? or even another brand from another store within that price range:








One is a comp and one is a sport but look very similar except for the brakes and front shocks from what I can see? just need some advise.


Thanks guys, look forward to contributing more once I have purchased a bike and begin riding  :mellow:  :thumbup:

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Good day


The parts on the Comp is a bit better that those on the Sport.

I do though notice that they only have Extra Large frames left.


In cycling having a properly fitting bicycle is more important than the "Black Friday Deal" that can be had.

For starters, if I were you, I would find out what size bicycle frame suits my build (26", 27,5" and 29" refers to the wheel size and is irrelevant to your current search, 15", 17", 19" or S, M, L, XL refers to the frame size, referring to leg and upper body length). Then from there start looking new and second hand.

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What JacBrand said. If you spend R9k on a bike and its the wrong size youre not gonna ride that bike. Its like buying tekkies 2 sizes to large and try to run 10k with it. 


Get the correct fit/size and setup and cycling will be a pleasure. 

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