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Anyone know how to see the time of day in Garmin data.....I know that when you see a summary, the start time is shown but how do you read the time of day along the route ie, I do a few stops, pause record then continue ie coffee stop, then finish and upload data to device...now how do I see what time I was at various points along got the way...pausing the Garmin record just stops the "stopwatch" of the recording so if you continue recording, it continues giving you a total time of record...but no track of time of day...


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The data points are written line for line in the file.


Your best bet would be to use the Garmin Connect website and export the Original file and open it in Excel and see if there is a date and time stamp per reading. Then work from there...


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Janee, tried that....not time data in CSV....Garmin Connect has a pile of graphs but none for data vs time stamp, in fact any pause in recording is ignored as data stops during pause and just carries on as if there was no pause...logical but if you looking for data vs time stamp, then you should see flat lines during the pauses....HOWEVER I send my data to RideWithGPS and their graphs do show flat lines when data recording is paused so you can extrapolate from your start time which Garmin does show..

With all the data Garmin produces, you would think that time stamped graphical displays would be easy....

PS the GPX file does show time stamps in TextEditor (UTC ie Zulu time) so the data is there...

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Perhaps try export to Google Earth, then create KML file, see how to see your data https://support.google.com/earth/answer/148095?hl=en

This works but wow, what a workaround.....export file to .kml, the. import into Earth Desktop version.... .kml file will display all the waypoints and their info, time stamp is buried in each then you play the track back, slow it down and pause where you want to see the data...there's an option on the speed for playback and also to either display UTC time zone or use computer's timezone...

Can't believe Garmin don't have something simpler!

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