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Shimano spd body part needed


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It looks like Cool Heat (the South African distributor for Shimano) doesn’t stock these parts. I think your best bet might be to post the model number of the pedal (eg PD-M8000) and see if someone happens to have one that is damaged somewhere else and is willing to give you this part for a good price. As well as the model number you will need to specify if it is the left or right pedal.

If you want to get the part number for that part specifically, go to si.shimano.com and enter the pedal model number. Then open the exploded view and see the parts codes. With that you might be able to do a search and find it through online retailers overseas.

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I have 2 sets of shimano pedals at home that are U.S. 

I'll have a look at them this evening and see if that part you need is recoverable. If yes, its yours for mahala



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I've got those parts for you. It's off PD-M540 SPD pedals. The pedals are stuffed and rusted, but the parts you need are fine still. DM me and we can arrange for you to get them

Yours for free




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