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Hart Monitor Hulp


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Hello daar.




Ek het 'n Polar 725, maar ek is opsoek na 'n HRM wat ek kan gebruik om gym toe te gaan. Dit is elke keer 'n storie om die ding te stel om ander goed te record.




Het julle enige raad van een wat kan werk.




Basies wil ek net weer wat my pols spoed is. Na die workout sal ek graag wil weet hoe lank ek geoefen het en wat my avg pols spoed was, asook die max en min. Dit is nie nodig dat hy sync met 'n PC soos die 725 nie.




Thanks vir enige hulp.









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Hi Cois


RTFM - I am sure you can get that info from the S725 without having to download.  I know that you can get the ave by holding down the bottom right button during the exercise.


You can set up more than one 'user profile' (not sure what the proper term is).  For instance, you can swap between recording speed and cadence and only recording HR.  I think a long press on the top right swaps that functionality.


I use a S625X which is the same unit as the S725 but without the fake carbon, and supplied with a footpod instead of speed sensor.  In the winter when I run more than I cycle I swap between a profile that has speed and cadence data and one that has running speed data and it's a press of a button to swap each time, no big deal. 
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Go to the saved file press enter then it will tell you all the imfo you would like to know,avg HR,Cal,Time,then if riding then your avr speed,Cadence if Cadence meter,max speeed,dist ect.


The S725 is a great HR to have,all the Wissels and bells  in one object its great....

Make the most of your HR
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