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Want to get started - Totally new


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6 hours ago, Spinnekop said:

Welcome.  You're going to love the sport.  Have loads of adventures.

  1. Tubeless for sure.  Less hassle, more riding.
  2. Helmet:  Get something that fits/comfortable.  Bibs:  Again something that fits- this will help save your ass.  Floor pump:  Good tyre pressure before every ride.  Repair kit for on the trails.  The rest will follow. 
  3. Go to a bike shop.  Measure.  Then decide.  Loads of online tools also that can help you make a call.  At 1.84 I'd guess a Large.
  4. Get a bike that you like.  The more you like it, the more likely you are that you'll ride more.  Strange how that works but it does.

Most importantly...........enjoy the experience.  Every ride.  Look around.  Stop for pics and coffee.    

Thanks alot for the solid advise.

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9 hours ago, Spinnekop said:

Tubeless for sure.  Less hassle, more riding.

funny story time with a lesson to boot.

So a mate recently buys the new bike. Goes tubeless on the stock tyres and keeps saying how he is going to upgrade that rubbish Veetire rubber to proper Maxxis tyres. Yet, het never quite does it. On Sunday, we choose the most direct route to the top of Contermans by the mast to drop in on Rhino 1. Hike a bike time due to the severe angle of elevation. Less than a minute after dropping in, I hear him yell at me he blew his rear tyre on the rocks. No spares, tubes or otherwise assistance. Hike a bike time back to the car. His ride was from the mast drop in to the scene of the crime just after the rhino 1 drop-in. 

the lesson? tubeless works best on proper rubber. cheapest is not always best.

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