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COPD and Cycling

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I suffer severely from COPD.

Got bad news that the big C is also back and will start radiation in May.

Some days are good with the COPD but some days are bad.

What meds do others take with on rides or before rides ?

I take a Duevent pump with, 

I had to stop riding my eBike for a few months due to work commitments but soon to be going on pension. (63y) but want to start soonest riding again

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Sorry to hear that.


Best wishes for your treatment.



Will be thinking of you when I join the "Pink Train" for the CTCT.

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Sorry about the news mate..

ask your doctor what you should do.. or carry with you on rides.. I assume your seeing a specialist.. 🤙🏻 they going to be more qualified to advise than most of us sh&t talkers on here.. 🤣🤣

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Thanks. Yes I have a very good medical team of doctors treating me and I will win it again.

Was just wondering if I am the only one who enjoy cycling, but  going though this again. But so be it if I am alone, lol.

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