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Favero Assioma (uno vs duo) recommendation


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Finally come to the realisation that power metrics may not be a bad thing. 

Pretty much set on going favero assioma (wahoo head unit and look pedals, and I don't like garmin stuff) 


The big question is uno vs duo. Is the 5k saving worth it or false economy? 

Anyone kicking themselves for choosing uno over duo? 

Is 2 sided overkill for our recreational needs? 


And anyone know where I can find duos for sub 15k?


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14 minutes ago, Dappere said:

If your budget allows, go with the duo.


Single sided is enough for most peeps but it will leave you wondering ...

Not seeing anything sub 15k but quite a few just over. Reach out to those stores and see if anybody has appetite for a better deal.

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I've had single-sided (crank-based) since 2016 and have never felt the need to go dual sided. Would rather have two single-sided on two bikes than a dual on one bike. The pedals make is easier, but swapping cranks every week was a pain, and also resulted in stripped threads.

A Kickr would be equivalent to having a PM in the rear hub, so there's also no recording of the dual sided metrics, like balance, pedal force, and other metrics on head unit.

As they say, "you don't know what you don't know".

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