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Help for a noob


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Well, I'm not quite a noob, I used to be a B group rider about 6 years ago, and then suddenly stopped. Having been at Killarney on wednesday makes me want to get back into the top groups.


Any training tips that you can offer, anything at all will be appreciated.





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Hope you don't mean in time for 94.7!!


Find a group to ride with on weekends. Start building a base again. Once you start getting a good base of long slow distance miles, then you can start with intervals and a more tailored program (lots of pro trainers on here).


Then get a group that rides at your speed/ slightly faster than you and relearn bunch riding skills (you should still have that!!). Get into some races and start working your way back up.


OK, so I'm pretty new to this as well, so I'm sure someone else will give better advice!
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jog5000, Damn you lucky!!! You get to do it all over again!!! Aaawww starting in temps, working your why up, nice, that must be the best part of racing, seeing how you move up thru the chains, I envy you in some why's!!! Enjoy every minute of it! I don't need to tell you how you gonna suffer once you hit the B- group again, so take your time getting there!

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Ride lots...put down a nice big base, then do speed and strength work..speed at Killarney, strength trying to stay upright after Killarney Confused

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Here are 2 options worth considering:

1 - I could drop down to your start group and pace you through the field for a good time, or


2 - give me your transponder and I'll ride from your start group and save you the effort of riding it yourself.


Of course there may be a nominal fee attached to these options Wink
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Kilo Master, what are you asking? ;)


I wouldnt be able to do that though, cause I need the legs for my own riding!!


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