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  1. Hope the wrist isn't broken :-( Get better fast
  2. Really great to hear so many awesome weight loss stories! Keep it up, all of you!
  3. Hope it fixes all the problems. I have changed shops to Cycle Fusion, also where my ride partner works.
  4. Oh hell! Sorry to hear this! Do you have options to get it repaired up there?
  5. Slowbee, it's an awesome race, and a friendly country, and the riding's great, and, and, and! Kranswurm, I'll be in touch with Jason's details.
  6. Thanks everyone for the comments and offers. My friend Jason has successfully applied for a temporary passport so he will be going with me. Really looking forward to the race!
  7. Bwahahahaha! Sorry Kranswurm, you may be warmer than a hot waterbottle, but you're OUT!! Hey the nice thing about dad coming up anyway is that he can help us set up camp and break it down! Awesomeness!
  8. We should swap tent partners, my dad snores Nope, don't speak to Nev any more, staying with Broomie on Friday night. The cost of which is a couple of bottles of good ol' SA red wine
  9. Here are some pics to whet the appetite?
  10. That's aiming low, if you schmooze him well enough, you may get Kranswurm as the hot waterbottle HEY Kranswurm! Paid my entry today and sent you proof! Now we just have to find me a ride partner!
  11. Aaah, I missed you guys!!
  12. And my dad is willing to drive us up and drive us home on Sunday afternoon so a chauffeured trip nogal :-)
  13. By that I assume the kind of people who frequent The Hub has worsened?? The race costs R2500 for the team i.e. R1250 each. I have free accomodation for Friday night, tented accomodation for the overnight and 3 up in the car for the way there and back (it's about 4 hours from Jhb). Not a very expensive race.
  14. At the moment, the kind who can make the race on this short notice and pay half the entry :-) But seriously, I've done Sani2C twice, plus a couple of other stage races, Dusi Mfula, KalChal, Berg & Bush Descent. I have a 5.5 inch dual sus and I love riding technical trail. Not the fastest, ride a 40km singletrack loop in Honeydew in about 3 hours. I would suggest if you're serious, that we do a ride together to see if we have a similar pace etc.
  15. Hi all Haven't been onto the site in absolutely ages! I find myself in a situation. Dad and I have ridden the Kalahari Challenge twice and have entered again for this year. But he has just found out that his thyroid is overfunctioning and his blood sugar is outside normal levels. Whilst they put him on medication and get it back under control, he's not allowed to do any strenuous exercise. Which leaves me without a ride partner for a race happening in just over a month. So if there is anyone who wants to race with me (read: ride fast but not out to win prizes), please let me know and we can make a plan to meet, ride together, etc. The race is on the weekend of the 24-25th July and as it is in Botswana you need a passport (I guess if there's any reason that you can't leave the country, say an outstanding courtcase, you're excluded chuckle!) Costs for the race is low, the riding is awesome, I'm a nice person (grin!). Let me know!
  16. Great to hear the butt is fine after all that riding. Mine on the other hand is complaining a bit about being abused for just under 7 hours on Saturday and just under 6 hours of Sunday. And MTBing in Botswana is hard work, you don't have any downhills to get off the saddle and rest!
  17. That makes 2 of us. Goal is 10kg by end December. Will make a world of difference on the bike!
  18. Long time no see' date=' read, talk MichH!! Nice to see you online!! I trust you are well!! Regards Captain Slow aka ShaunH!! [/quote'] I thought it was you but wondered about the changed Hubname! I'm off to ride Kalahari Challenge in Botswana this weekend, then I'll need to spend a bit of time on the roadbike before 94.7. I have to beat my 2007 time of 3:29:42
  19. Anyone travelling up for this race? I haven't done it before but it sounds challenging, and therefore fun?
  20. Count me in for the 6th Sep Hub ride. Need to train a bit for 94.7
  21. Hey TitusTi, sorry I missed you when I was down in CT in Jan! Did it happen? Updates needed
  22. I'm interested. Need to learn how to stop falling off so hard
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