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Just as a point of interest..........


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I hear today in the news that the gentleman who ran down the two runners in Bedfordview earlier in the year has pleaded guilty to culpable homicide in the Germiston magistrates courts.


He said he had taken medication and admitted his negligence caused the deaths of the runners.


He will be sentanced in January.


So, there you have it, as a personal friend of one of the runners this is a victory for the rule of law, and to all the nay sayers a sign that things are happening, and taking the law into your own hands is never going to achieve anything.   
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Widget....what will het get?  2 months?  Deportation to his $2mil house during the weekend?


Just asking......
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I dont know, but been dragged through the criminal justice system, having to appear in court, getting a criminal record which will end most job opportunities, the stress of living with the uncertain future, the worry of what will happen to your family were you to be incarcerated, the fear of jail, the time to think you caused the death of two innocent people, loosing your drivers license and having to face the family in court must have been severely stressfull.


I believe the punishment must fit the crime, but its not up to me (or any of us) to decide whats fit and just.

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Well if someone, justifyably pi$$ed off at being messed around with his ID book gets 5 years then one wonders what would be appropriate for taking the lives of innocent positive contributors of our society??? I'd hate to say it but it will probably be a slap on the wrists???

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