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  1. And then what bugs me the most.............the riders that did "learn" last year are not included this you to capitalize on what they have "learned" previously.
  2. Thanks so much for sharing. Amazing rides!🀯
  3. Would oom mind terribly to share some strava files? Would love to see the routes and area and do some planning myself
  4. I LOVE that idea. But only because I don't have a TT bike For me they can even throw in a hill climb up Taalmonument instead of the TT (on a road bike). If they want to do TT, do a prologue the night before the first day.........just for starters orders and jersey wearers like back in the day with the Giro del Capo. Back in 2007 prologue the evening before stage 1
  5. Hosting a UCI 2.2 or 2.1 event, you have to give food and lodging if I remember correctly? https://www.uci.org/docs/default-source/rules-and-regulations/part-ii-road/2-roa-regulations-e.pdf
  6. TP= Training Peaks. Paid desktop software GC= Golden Cheetah. Desktop software. Personally I use GC. Works very well for what I want to know about my rides. And it's seemingly smooth operation. Walk into the house. Garmin auto uploads via Wifi to Garmin and to Strava. From there when I op GC, it auto downloads my ride.
  7. Lately there were a couple of fun "events" hosted by PEMBI on Strava. Prizes were given sometimes on luck and sometimes on fitness (being the fastest on the segment). This drew a couple of participants to get out there and ride their bikes with prizes bigger than most big name races in the country. Sponsors got some publicity an riders had some fun. Not a bad platform to do this on.
  8. This. Strava was never a training tool. Social media for active people. If you are serious about fitness and training and stats, you do TP or GC.
  9. After copious amounts of research, I settled on the idea that it was very frame specific. There are people that put the groupset on and it just works from the get-go without event thinking about reading the manual. To say that I tried to make it work is an understatement. There was rides where I went out for hours and adjusting and trying new things. Nothing worked. I just gave up after a year. Sadly. Cost me a fortune to replace...........πŸ˜ͺ
  10. But we digress. The Evo SE looks the business. 😎 Definitely on my shopping list. Fortunately we have a lot of time to save up...........
  11. Sold my 4 months old SRAM AXS Red groupset for half the price because the brakes failed three times and 4 bike shops were unable to fix the front derailleur chain drop. If you read up on it, various people across the world have the chain drop issue. 2 of my other friends are waiting months now for replacement of the front AXS shifter as the brakes fade within 2 months. The last straw for me was this month when my brand new Zipp 353 hub failed after 500km and I had to wait 3 months for a replacement hub and even then the local dealer charged me transport fees because "shipping is not covered under warranty claims". This on 'n RRP R80 000 wheelset. What a joke. Fooled me a couple of times now. Not again.
  12. I will only buy one when it comes out with Shimano. If it doesn't, I'll take the SRAM πŸ’© off and burn it.
  13. Stages takes left power and multiplies it with two. (very roughly put) I have ridden Stages for a few years now and have compared it to my Power2max ang Garmin Vector 3 and Quarq readings and it is pretty much on par with each other. Main thing will be to measure your FTP and intervals etc always on the ONE system.
  14. Each time we go up there we stop and take photos and just enjoy the little climb. (I am too fat to give a go at anything over 2% gradient these days. 😁)
  15. This is pretty decent, peaking at around 40% gradient https://www.strava.com/segments/3866479?filter=overall
  16. Except for the one time they did not reply to a query I had with regards to a glove that they don't stock, I have had only good service from Castelli South Africa. The price advertised is the price they charged you. If you don't want the product at the invoice price, leave it.
  17. Don't have a shim but I might have a 31.6 seatpost for you if that might help? I will have to check though. Let me know
  18. Frosty..........you know I LOVE your events and have done 12 Carnival City races in my life. But on a practical side....................... Not risking my R500 as non-refundable amount. Covid dictates and there is a 99.5% chance of the event cancelling I place my R500 on the line for 9 other dudes to have a secure entry and then last minute they cancel leaving me out of pocket I'll rather wait until someone invites me as part of their team.
  19. If you can keep them in a warm dark place for around 3-6 months, you'll be able to get around 20% more life out of them..............
  20. This from Katie just over a year ago............
  21. Been using the Varia since before they were available in SA. Brilliant piece of equipment I can no longer ride without. Even cooler when you know it was developed by a South African! Pity the Cape Town boys get to play with new tech. Enjoy!
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