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Whats happening in Balito?


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I'm heading for Balito for the Christmas weekend and taking the bike with.  My husband is SICK AGAIN!!! So he won't be able to ride with me.  I'm not keen on riding alone and would like to know if anybody is riding from Balito. I don't want to have to get in my car and go somewhere to meet people. Info please.

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Pick up a copy of the Courier (local paper), they usually have a report on the back page (Slipstream of something) that will tell you where everyone is meeting. There is a group that leaves from the Lifestyle centre most days of the week but its early morning.


I will be there but am not taking the bike, going to do some open water swimming and long runs instead.
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Any Hubbers in Ballito, I'm here until 11/01. Let me know if anyone's keen for group ride. Rode to Umhlanga yesterday, nice views. traffic a bit wildShocked

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raining most of todayUnhappy but okay 'cos i killed myself yesterday and need bit of recoveryWink Better weather forecast for tomorrow. May ride to durban harbour and backSmile

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