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  1. https://bikehub.co.za/classifieds/item/cranksets/489213/meijun-xt I wasn't sure what Meijun XT was. I had to look at it a few times before I realised it isn't Shimano XT.
  2. After reading the bad press they get on here sometimes, I wasn't too optimistic about dealing with them. I emailed ASG about some spare parts and lenses I needed for my 10+ year old Rudy Project Rydon's - Rochelle replied promptly and within 2 days I had what I needed, and at an amazing price! Thanks Rochelle / ASG!
  3. https://www.runnersworld.com/uk/news/a36671146/british-runner-breaks-backyard-ultra-world-record/
  4. I've been running in the Mr P shoes for over 5 years now. I reckon they have to be as fast as the Adidas shoes I was running in 20 years ago. Ran a 2:41 marathon in a pair of Maxed and sub-17:30 5km TT's. I don't think it's the shoes holding me back, although I am also pretty sure that my times would be quicker in the next%. Doubt I'd be much quicker in another brand's 'normal' shoes. I buy a few pairs at a time. Not much info on the shoes and I often buy the ones labeled 'gym' shoes too not just the 'running' ones. I know what works for me. I eyeball the drop and stack height and check flexibility of the sole. And try them on for comfort. I've even bought a few pairs at a time online and then just return the ones I don't like when they arrive. I think there are 2 or 3 pairs that didn't work for me for running, but I am still able to use them for casual wear. A few pairs are quite soft in the forefoot, which makes them not great over longer distances. And for proper trail running and longer trails, I've now learnt you can't beat a proper trail shoe (after doing a few 40 - 60km mountain runs in my Maxed trail and road running shoes). For road running and shorter easy trails there's nothing wrong with my Mr P shoes. I have got to over 1000km in a few pairs, but I don't feel that I have to get crazy mileage out of them because some of my older pairs only cost R300 or less. I like being able to rotate between different pairs with different uppers and lowers every day of the week if I want to. I got the new Zeus carbon plate shoe about 2 weeks ago and did a marathon in the Cradle with them basically out of the box. First half was great, but my legs fell apart in the harder second half and ended a few seconds over 3 hours after aiming for about a 2:50. I don't think any brand of shoes would have saved me! I am really impressed with the feel and comfort of the upper and laces of the Zeus. I think they're possibly the most comfortable shoes I've ever run in. The carbon plate thing had me confused when I looked under the shoe and saw the metal weave, but if you look under the inner sole you can see a small carbon plate there. I don't know if it makes any difference in these shoes. I initially wasn't going to buy the Zeus because of the increased price tag now on the newer Maxed shoes - I first went to try on shoes from every other brand, because I thought at that price I could just by a big brand shoe for not much more - but after trying on a whole lot of shoes and then trying on the Zeus it was the most comfortable and still half to 2/3 cheaper than everything else I tried on. I also ended up with a pair of the Elite Nation all white (running) 'gym' shoes 🙈 and really like the feel of the new Marathon Racer so far.
  5. There's also this 50km record from last month - not sure why this one doesn't count? https://www.cbssports.com/olympics/news/desiree-linden-breaks-womens-50k-world-record-by-over-seven-minutes/
  6. Not sure if this was posted yet - 50km record attempt happening in PE on Sunday. Could be interesting. Nedbank Runified: Breaking Barriers – a 50 km world record attempt
  7. My treadmill needs some love. About 1600km over the last 12 months and over 8 years old. Replacing the belt and re-using the running deck - mine can be turned over. Check if you can just turn yours over? Also finally welding back the elevation arm attachment that sheared off the treadmill frame a year ago. I'll PM you details of a company that can probably help out with repairs...
  8. Under vitality rewards in the app - choose the netflix option (there should also be a big picture advertising the netflix reward and the vitality smoothie reward under the rewards section that you can tap on)
  9. 'for free' is actually R15 (150 miles) - once a month (we'll see if it's available again next month at that price) Thanks to a few family members, my Netflix is now paid for until next year Feb...
  10. Hi, did you find a hub yet? Otherwise I think I might have something in my cupboard...
  11. I don't have any rubbing with the 9's. Really nice with falke all terrain socks. My first pair of real trail shoes instead of my Maxed shoes. The cushioning, grip, rock plate and toe protection are amazing. My only problem so far is having to tighten the laces up really tight. My left shoe was pulled off my foot trying to do intervals on a section of technical trail at Klipriviersberg - all of a sudden I was running barefoot ????! And then the next interval I twisted my right ankle ????. Oh, and the uppers are starting to look worn already with only about80km done in them so far. I tried on the fujitrabuco lyte last week too when I bought the 9 - the 9 definitely felt more comfortable to me in the shop and the tread on the 9 looks much grippier I think.
  12. Done! Thanks for the tip Couldn't find any reason not to take the free watch and sell it to get what I actually want...
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