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  1. May the road rise up to meet you, may the wind be ever at your back. May the sun shine warm upon your face, until we meet again.
  2. Thats the going rate for international events. Ironman 70.3 is R950 and Ironman SA is R3150 so R500-R600 sounds fair for an internationally licensed event.
  3. For the multi-sporters out there: Nytro - great prices and service Trisports - I buy just about everything from them
  4. moving story and one of those that makes you realise how lucky you are and just why you should stop procrastinating and get out there for a ride while you still can. As for the bike, there was an 'disabled' athlete that used to train at Bob van Reenen (Krugersdorp track) on a tricycle. I cant imagine that it was very easy to corner at high speed but I don't think thats an issue. If memory serves me correctly, he was from United Wheelers so perhaps you can contact them for more info. There is also a tricycle TT league in the UK and they have a number of frame builders that specialise in these bikes. I know of a local builder that might be willing to give of his time if he can get a blue print to work from and someone to sponsor the cost of the materials.
  5. Yes. The SA sun is too harsh for dainty lycra and its new-age derivatives causing it to deteriorate rapidly. The end result is that shorts (and vest for those triathletes) dont fit properly anymore which leads to uneven surfaces that irritate and eventually cause infection. While I understand that not everyone has the means to purchase new clothing on a regular basis, I cringe when I see a guy riding a 30k bike complete with team kit (Phonak or Discovery/Postal) and the chamois is hanging between their legs like a army overall!
  6. There is nothing better than a tough race, especially on a Saturday morning because you can wake up late on a Sunday and enjoy a HUGE breakfast without feeling guilty. I wont 'cut and paste' anything here, you can rather read my report on www.tricape.com Sir Fed2007-07-30 11:09:13
  7. double the 'good' news since I doubt anyone wants to see the obvious two implicated
  8. from cyclingnews.com We have heard a rumour it was one of the random tests rather than the stage winner (Robert Hunter) or the yellow jersey (Michael Rasmussen) but that's just a rumour.
  9. I will be away doing the Duel Ultra this weekend (KZN), if I can get my hands on an armband I will wear one for the race (I have a black Nike one that might do the job). Anyone else down at the Duel going to participate?
  10. http://www.tricape.com/ & http://www.ironcrazy.com/
  11. Being a roadie those black & white alloy things are of no use to me but I would certainly fork her!
  12. since your cranks go round in circles, you may want to consider moving it back, or forward, by 2,5mm ... Crank length is not a factor when determining saddle height, leave it where it is and avoid the tendency to crunch monster gears with your new found power. At least until your body is used to the changes.
  13. Your RHR will probably be lower at the end of a day because of a number of factors including fatigue and diet. The best time is 15min after you wake up and have been to the toilet. It doesn't really matter when you do as long as you do it consistently, i.e. at the same time, place and manner every day if you intend using it as a benchmark for anything. Additionally, a low RHR is not an indication of much more than genetics because there are many unfit people that register in the 40's or lower but put them on a stationery trainer or treadmill and they will be at their lactate threshold within a few minutes of light exercise.
  14. Michelin Carbons. Great ride, decent price and pretty good with punctures (2 in over 2000km's aint bad). The ProRace 2's are excellent all round tires and my front has lasted for what seems like forever.
  15. Amazing how all the men here see fit to judge a women who is proceeding on medical advice. How do the ladies out there feel?
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