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Bus shatters cycle-tour dreams


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From news24.com

Carla Lewis, Beeld

Makado - The Cape

Argus Cycle Tour dreams of a woman from Makado have been shattered by

the injuries she got when she swerved to avoid being hit by a bus.


Marietjie Barkhuizen says she and a group of cyclists were

training for the cycle tour on the N1 en route to Mountain View Hotel

on Friday afternoon about 16:30 when a bus from Mabirimisa Bus Service

came hurtling straight at them.


Barkhuizen, who has broken ribs and other injuries, said: "We

were in the emergency lane, and the bus was on a straight stretch,

straddling the left lane and the emergency lane.


"The bus driver must have seen us - it was still light, and we were wearing our red warning lights," she said.


13-year-old also injured


"He gave no indication of yielding and very nearly hit me as the bus went haring past.


"If I hadn't quickly swerved out of the way, he'd surely have hit me. I just thank the Lord I'm still alive."


Barkhuizen said that when she swerved she hit against the railings alongside the road and her foot got entangled in her bike.


She said a 13-year-old boy, Jaco de Bruin, was also injured when he jumped off his bike to avoid being hit by the bus.






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Ek wonder as ons ons self gaan verdedig of daar dan iets gedoen gaan word.


Dink ek moet maar daai .38 gaan koop...

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Thats terrible!! i constantly worry about being injured in a stupid crash in training or at a race. then all the training and race entries go to waste! and im really looking forward to the Panorama tour!!<?:namespace prefix = o ns = "urn:schemas-microsoft-com:office:office" />

oh and epoh.....clean out your PM bro!


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I found a link to this article on the same page:


Grandpa assaulted by cyclists



22/11/2006 07:47  - (SA)  
































Cobus Coetzee, Beeld


- A grandfather and engineer from Boksburg on the East Rand was

attacked by six cyclists after he hooted at them in order to pass.


Pierre Grobbelaar, 61, was attacked at his office in Concorde Street,

Bedfordview, after he had hooted "very politely" to ask them to make way for

him to pass about a kilometre from his work.


"They formed part of a group of about 40 who were spread out across the

road. I hooted and all of them moved away, but when I stopped at my

office, six cyclists awaited me and started beating me," he said.


Grobbelaar, who worked for Murray and Roberts, said he suffered several

blows to the head and upper body and was sprayed with pepper-spray.


"It felt like an eternity. They ripped my shirt from my body." The

cyclists seemed to be part of an organised cycling practice run and all

of them were wearing cycling gear.


"When a colleague tried to help me, they threw her aside like a rag," said

Grobbelaar. The cyclists stopped attacking him after one of them had used

pepper-spray on him.


Dr Frans Human from Germiston said on Tuesday Grobbelaar had suffered

several bruises to his face and body, but the worst was that he had to

receive a cortisone injection to improve his breathing.


Superintendent Andy Pieke, a police spokesperson, said a case of assault was

being investigated.


"We haven't arrested any suspects, but Bedfordview police will be talking to

all the cycling clubs in the area in order to identify the suspects," he



According to some reading that I did, it is actually a good thing when a car hoots from behind a riding group acknowledging the existance of the riders on the road. it means that the car has seen the cyclists, and means them no harm... ( I know it is not true in all cases, but the driver doesnt want to damage his car)


I probably stand a big chance of getting flamed here, but why do a lot of cyclists persist in taking up half a lane on a club/training ride just so they can chat to their buddies? Surely road safety comes first, and obstruction is illegal??


Poenster2007-02-12 00:03:43

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Can of WORMS this one. Most cyslists.... mostly those ovedosing on tostestorone (or producing copius amounts naturally) will now crawl out and say THAT attack by those THUGS (sorry THUG) was JUSTIFIED!!!!!!!

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Becuase THAT IS NOT A HIGHWAY!!!!!! It is a normal road ...............pleeze I do not want to give the definitions over and over again!!!!!!!!

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