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CSA Officials


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Officials ???? they have a bad attitude boet, think they have magic powers. Ons slaan kitaar en julle dans?

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"The lack of ?young? officials is part of the problem but there are major power struggles with in CSA/official ranks and that at times."


Eish !!! Hier gaan ons weer !! Ek is bly CSA het nie my fiets vir my gekoop nie - anders moes ek by hul reels bly..


Ek se maar net...


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Wat baie snaaks is - is dat ons jaar in en jaar uit met die selfede probleme sit. "CSA NCOB CSA NCOB......" wie is in die meerderheid en wie trap die bike ?

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I agree, the lack of young officials is distressing. The lack of young and hot officials in uniform being assertive is even more distressing! That's why I started doing this in the first place!

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CSA is responsible

for the day to day running of cycling (events, sponsors and and?.)




NCOB is responsible

for the nominating of officials to ensure the event on the day keep to the

CSA/UCI rules.

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I believe the WP Officials ( Referees, line officials etc) try to be friendly and polite, and believe me, a lot of abuse and rudeness is taken, but in the heat of a cyclists moment, we tend to look past a lot of it. I do not believe any one of the W P Officals is above anyone, and all try to upkeep the name of the sport as preference and safety uppermost on the day.

We have highly qualified Officials, and a lot that are not active.... but everyone pulls together, as the cyclists deserve it.

Payment is nice, covers pertrol, and is seen as reward for a job we love.
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