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Calling all the "Techno Boffs" - Polar CS600


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I recall this unit being discussed briefly in some software topic a while back. What's the latest regarding this, I see it has a power unit too, is it any good?

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If the power setup is the same as that which works with the S625/S725, then it should be OK.  One of my riding buddies recently added the power sensor to his S625 setup and is very happy with it.


About now the power-junkies will bail in and tell you that it isn't as good as a SRM or PowerTap setup, which is almost certainly true, but it's a lot cheaper.


You pays your money and you takes your choice.


If you think that you will ever do any other form of endurance based exercise (other than cycling) have a look at one of the running/cycling wrist units.


(Course, if the CS600 uses a different power sensing technology, all of the above is meaningless.)
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Pantani, I spoke to the guys at Polar on Tuesday.  They have no clue on when the unit is going to be in SA (the chances are slim for the Argus Expo, they don't know).  The estimated cost for the basic unit will be R4k.


Some improvements were done on the power meter, and I was told not to compare the power units on the S series to the CS series, as the accuracy has been increased.


Now, I must get it past the "home" government to allow me to spend R4k on a "glorified bike computer"


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Polar's error correction is just way out, more than 10%, so very inacurate.And whats with all the wires on Polar's power meters. As far as the HR goes, simply the best

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