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Training on E2E


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Can someone please tell me if there are any slower riders smiley2.gif cycling on E2E on Mondays & Wednesday,




I don't want to cycle by myself smiley9.gif and if anyone know of another group that cycles on these day's to, please let me know, smiley4.gif




I have to cycle in the North on Wednesdays as I have an early meeting.    smiley5.gif









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I don't think there are many riders on a Monday - most are having to recover from the previous week of E2E racing!!


Wednesday there are definitely slower riders - starts back to front though, with slower groups leaving as early as 4:55 these days.


bruce2007-03-07 05:48:51

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dis nie so erg om op jou eie te ry nie jinx...ek doen dit heeltyd


Almal is nie so vinnig soos jy nie Tongue


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smiley36.gif Dis nie alleen ry waarvoor ek bang is nie, dit die alleen omgery of aangeval word vrou aleen as ek ry in die donker op witkoppen, cedar & main road en dan nog ook daai donker stuk op main deur die taxi rank en Randburg.
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