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Avid Juicy cables too long...


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I ride a small bike with Avid Juicy disk brakes. Put flatbar on and find cables are too long. What to do, what to do...?

Any helpfull advise welcome...


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Cutting them and re-connecting them may get a bubble into the hydraulic fluid, so unless you want to bleed them as well, a good bikeshop may be the way to go.

You could also just ride them as is (unless you are hooking trees and small animals as you pass) and when your brakes need to be bled, have the cables adjusted in the same operation.
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Just shorten them yourself. It's really not that hard, and bleeding the brakes is not that hard either.

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I shortened my avid hoses last week. You'll need a barb and olive (R50) and then you need to carefully shorten them keeping the cut hose vertical to ensure oil does not leak out and that no air is introduced. I did mine carefully and I have no need to bleed at all.


However it needs a small amount of technical competence - you've got to cut the hose square and you,ve got to keep it vertical whilst you do it. You'll also need a number 10 (or possibly a 7 for a juicy) torx wrench.




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Bike shop it is then...went for a ride this morning and the shifters are out as well...

(The cables are also taking a different path after the flatbar op.)


Thank you one and all... 

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