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Pls Help Shock setup!!!!!


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Bought a Merida 96 3000 how do I set up my rear x fusion 02 RC shock.


Have been riding and it feels very soft!


Is there a web site were I can find the recommended settings???
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Measure the stroke rate, sit on the bike with all your weight. move the travel o-ring guide all the way to the dust wiper, or alternatively mount a cable tie..


Get off the bike and measure the sag, 25 % should be fairly good.

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Tx have tried the web site of merida, and the instruction manual from x fusion is useless. Thought there might be an indication on weight/psi ratio somewhere!!!! 

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1. I agree with Summit. Get fully dressed with your cylcing gear and goodies.

2. Push the o-ring all the way against the shock.

3. Get on the bike a smooth as possible

4. Dismount

5. Measure the distance the o-ring moved (from shock). It should be aound 25% depending on how plush / firm you like it.
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