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Pro roadies ride MTB saddles - Fizik admits it :-)


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Given the amount of friendly 'banter' between squeaky clean white shoe and sock roadies and the mud plunging grey socked MTBers here on the hub I couldn't resist posting this little revelation, found, of all places, on the Fizik Antares web page.....




"In effort to make the transition smoother for the new-to-fi?zi:k

cyclists arriving to the Garmin-Slipstream team, in 2008 saddle choice

was open. The idea was to offer as many choices as possible since so

many had been riding different saddles. Infinite choice meant that many

of the guys ended up using an old mtb model on recommendation from

Danny Pate who?d been riding the same saddle on his road bike for the

better part of eight years."


Gotta Laugh when a company who makes the 'ultimte' road saddle admits some of it's sponsored riders find an old MTB saddle better than its range topping road saddles...! LOL


PPWTF2009-05-16 23:48:41

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LOL  LOL  LOL  Confused that's the thing, we've been lead to believe Arione is the only way to go, and now this little Fizik revelation goes and blows a hole in that carefully crafted message - kinda like when you find out your much loved team bike is actually not the same frame (or even made by the same manufacturer) that the pro rider is riding, normally because the very same pro rider thinks the factory supplied frame is a dog.......! Aaah, the wonders of marketing Wacko
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aaaaaaaaah, but you see i haven't bought into the marketing about mtb-specific saddles! suddenly i feel good about myself again...

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eeeeeeek! what does that make me? all my mtbs have road fi'zi:k saddles!


Mine too. Fizik Arione saddles on all my own bikes: road and MTB.





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Fizik's all round, but a bit of a blend.


Pave on the road bike, Aliante on the hardtail and a Gobi on the Anthem.
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Heh, I was considering putting a gobi on my road bike for this weekend's racing, should have too, the one on my MTB is waaaay more comfy than the Arione...

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