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Road front deraileur on a mtb


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I am building up a mtb to use as a training bike, and as far as possible I want to use parts I have lying around.


Can I fit a 10spd Ulltegra front Deraileur on a MTB?
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Yes you can. Quite a popular weightweenie thing to do. Only prob is road mech are bottom pull you need the convert from http://speen.de/ to convert the mech to a top pull

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Oops just saw that it is a 10 spd Ultegra Front mech. You can use it but as the cage on a 10spd mech is narrower to accommodate narrower 10 spd chain you will suffer with chain rub when in the middle ring.

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Only if it is a triple front mech!


Yes and no, you can mod the limit screws of the mech to allow a double road mech to work on a triple mtb setup, some work better than others, for example the SRAM red one seems to work the best.


But yes a road mech and a 2x9 setup(perhaps a very bling Middleburn) on a mtb will work best.


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