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  1. I live in NL, and as mentioned above, the wind can be brutal, it might be a flat country, but you will work hard in the wind. There is a fair amount of bike rental places but you have to search for racefiets huren, otherwise you will just get the normal dutch city bikes. Distance and time wise it, it should be easily doable, I went into a different direction before (ams to valkenberg) which was 270km in about 10 hours. https://www.strava.com/activities/1595281931
  2. Sorry to drag up this old thread again, but it came up on a search. Saffer living in the Netherlands for the last couple of years, coming for a holiday later this year and trying to decide if I should bring my bike(yt jeffsy 29). I have gotten very used to riding wherever in the alps, or anywhere else for the matter, trips to winterberg in DE or the massive trail network in the Ardennes mountains in BE, etc without ever thinking of my own safety, often riding alone. How is Jonkershoek lately? Safe to ride? I would love to ride there again during my holiday.
  3. I live in NL, and in the last couple of years there have been a bit of explosion in mtb routes, the course in Spaarnwoude just outside Amsterdam is fun as well, reminds me of riding the zc course in Pretoria back in the day. Places like Shoorl in Noord Holland have excellent routes. Then the Utrechtse Heuvelrug have loads of really world class xc style courses, think fast flowing smooth singletrack with the occasional roots here and there. Routes like Zeist, Amerongen, Austrlitz, and Leersum comes to mind. Then zuid limberg is incredible with some proper climbing, the riding there makes me think alot of riding around in Sabie. Its well worth it going a little over the border to belgium in the Ardennes mountains. For a weekend trip, Winterberg bike park( lifts and dh runs) are awesome. If your still in NL pm me and I can show you around if you want.
  4. as painful as it might be, counting calories and exercising might be the better option? Or check the LCHF thread
  5. Did just under 30km, you should be able to do more. Really enjoy their singletrack. Everything on http://thebigredbarn.co.za/
  6. Small vid I made riding at Big Red Barn, exploring the trails there.
  7. Bought from them in the past, and had excellent service as well.
  8. Have a look here as well - http://dengfubikes.com/
  9. _Daemon_


    I agree it cannot be compared, however the jozicode, hustle, etc. etc. is all spin off's that happend cause of the CM.
  10. _Daemon_


    I don't think it's about living in fear, I certainly don't, have been in some very bad area's in africa, and I do go to jhb town, me and my wife often go to the Neighbourhoods market. However, I don't see how riding in town is not looking for trouble. Like I said, crime happens everywhere, but that does not mean you need to go out and look for it and some of the worst possible spots in JHB.
  11. _Daemon_


    I honestly don't understand the fascination to rides bikes in jhb central. Same with critical mass, which is brilliant, been to a couple myself and enjoyed it, however, they keep on taking it through more and more dodgy area's, people getting mugged, girls getting felt up, all in hillbrow, sure it can happen anywhere, but come one it's much more likely to happen in areas like Hillbrow. CM is about raising bike awareness but seriously who rides in the jhb town on their bikes? Does it not make more sense to do CM where people are actually riding, and would want to commute to on bike. Sandton comes to mind. At the moment IMO CM, and all the rides that goes around it, is all very posing, people trying to be hipsters on fixies, in town cause that's where it happens in NYC, SF, London, etc. This is JHB our situation is different, do the rides, where people ride.
  12. "Sy het nie die ambulaans gebel want dit is nie hul werk." wtf
  13. http://www.startrek.com/legacy_media/images/200509/ds9-401-locutus-at-wolf359-02/320x240.jpg
  14. To the guy that gave me a co2 bomb, after I used mine up in the last 2km's, shot thanks!! Did not catch your name.
  15. That's some serious skill! http://www.youtube.com/watch?feature=player_embedded&v=ybFvomdhW2Y
  16. The title is really misleading, he did not admit to anything...yet...he's not allowed to say anything before the show is broadcasted.
  17. Got hit by a guy in a black jeep with his mirror into my back on Garsfontein road, going to brooklyn side in Pretoria in Dec, while doing the Rapha festive 500, luckily I was mostly fine, but still guy did it on purpose, hit and then sped off. One has to start to wonder if it's worth it still...trail running is starting to look very appealing.
  18. http://www.iol.co.za/news/south-africa/kwazulu-natal/cyclist-flew-like-a-bird-1.1449192#.UO1wQYlevfM "cycling on the grassy verge alongside East Central Arterial Road in Richards Bay, against the traffic flow"
  19. Very nice! But I would love a pair of these - http://www.rapha.cc/grand-tour-shoes/ http://www.rapha.cc/images/gallery/3222-70.jpg
  20. _Daemon_

    Rapha Festive 500

    Yeah mostly thanks, f***** did not even stop
  21. _Daemon_

    Rapha Festive 500

    End of the challenge for me got clipped by a car this morning
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