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Today: Hit-and-run claims delivery man (cyclisyt)


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The more and more of these incidents make me wonder if its really really safe to cycle - is it worth the pleasure of cycling, knowing just how unsafe it is with idiots on the road. Angry

Hit-and-run claims delivery man

18/03/2007 11:02  - (SA)  

- A 20-year-old newspaper delivery man was killed in a hit-and-run
incident while cycling in northern Johannesburg on Sunday, said
emergency workers.

ER24 spokesperson Riana Beech said the incident occurred at around
05:00 on Witkoppen road just after the Douglasdale road turnoff.

Witnesses on the scene told emergency workers that the vehicle did not stop after hitting the 20-year-old.

A vehicle registration plate was found at the scene.

Paramedics found the man in the middle of the road with severe head injuries and multiple limb fractures.

His bicycle was broken in half.

The man's mother was contacted but her son died before she arrived on the scene.

She said she would never have thought that when he left home on Sunday
morning, it would be the last time she saw him alive, said Beech.


RIP 20 year old newspaper delivery man. I won't moan ever again if my paper delivery is late, just knowing what circumstances these guys have getting our papers to our houses.
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Ek en my suster is vanoggend daar verby, nie 'n baie nice scene gewees nie...wat ek nog steeds nie kan verstaan nie, is as iemand oorlede is hoekom maak hulle nie die lyk net ordentlik toe nie....

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Probably returning home drunk from a night out and did not want to be caught for being under the influence.


I think this takes the tally to 3 cyclists killed in one weekend.
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and i repeat, maybe it's time that us cyclists start picketing at courthouses whenever the $%^&* appear in court.


condolences to family and friends.
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So sad..... just earning a few extra rands and this is how his short life ends.

R I P 'Newspaper' delivery boy, and condolences to his family and friends.


May the driver of the car, rot in Hell. (Maybe Hell is too good for them)

 We do need to get more aggressive, and start retaliating...... imagine if we rode around with metal poles, and started assultaing drivers.... all hell would break loose.... but we, as cyclists are supposed to sit back, and accept this kind of abuse.  Cyclists start retaliating........
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