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  1. SRAM is the same, adjusters sit in shifters.
  2. goofs


    If the route is boring you not racing hard enough. Be thankful that a loy of effort has gone into making it total road closure.
  3. I concur that the pics dont tell a good story about some not all cyclists behaviour, i have an issue with the way the header reads. To my knowledge the roads around cradle are public property and i see there is even resurfacing done in pics at tax payers money so to state that cyclists are not welcome is a bit arrogant, something along the lines of not in my neighbourhood. VdbPark hosts more races than any other area, practically every week and you dont see them making such a fuss. Rather than focusing on a specific area a national awareness is required.
  4. One of our club ridrers had a similiar problem, he had a wheel with DRC rims built and has had no problem since.
  5. Everyone should back off and let the proper authorities like CGC deal with this. Noble as it may seem any agreement reached here will have no bearing on every cyclist that rides in the area, it's public road and you have no authority to dicatate to other cyclist. CGC through their club member education and Metro police are best suited.
  6. I read somewhere most of the pro's use road bikes to put in distance training.
  7. How do you work that out. They take ave best 3 so even if you got 50 for argus and 20 for 3 others it will remain 20.
  8. Check on the garmin site that you have the latest firmware and software before doing a reset as this will erase your history.
  9. Dont apologise, rand for km you paid more than the 60km riders did, i'm sure the top 10 were way past you so no sweat. My g/f was intimidated by 2 such riders comming from behind screaming and she got such a fright she took a tumble, after which i rode behind her, gave way on single track when asked but refused when screamed at to make way. Agree on the prize giving though.
  10. They can make a case but it is unlikely that the prosecutor will go forward, had same thing happen a few years back and the case was dropped.
  11. Well for a start the CSA admin staff are paid although i dont know why.
  12. Yes depending on their position.
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