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Who's done self-sufficient bike touring?


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Whom of the hubbers have done self-sufficient bicycle touring? Where to, how long, etc?



I've managed to convince Mrs EB that we need that kind of experience in our lives and we've subsequently done a trip through Italy on a tandem in '05 (described in detail at http://www.bugbitten.com/blogs/Europe/Default/Tandem_Tour_Italy_05.html )


The next one is coming up (er, next year sometime...) and we need to start picking a destination.
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1981, from UK to Holland, Belgium, Luxemburg, Germany, France.


4 of us 1,600km in 3.5weeks, took tents, sleeping bags cooking stuff - 2 paniers and a saddle bag, bungee clipping stuff on top.


Romance with a french butcher's daughter on Bastille day.


12 mile climb up the Ardennes.


Cycled across Paris inc. Arc de Triomphe.


Got a lift in a van to Cherbourg on a rainy Sat. afternoon to catch the ferry.


Great trip, knackered the bike put me off distance riding for years.


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i did some touring in europe about 10 yrs ago. took a ferry from the UK to Holland to watch the prologue of the tour and then followed then for a couple days through holland, belguim and then I went on thru luxemborg and france. spent about 7 wks on the road and then i went a big crazy and needed a bit of social contact :-). i did it on my own and camped mainly in camp sites in the many small towns you find every day. incredible experience.
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Awesome stuff guys! Nice travelogue, Niterider. Damn I need to do another trip...Anyone been to Spain? We're thinking Northern Spain, Andorra, France end of May - mid June



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