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Want to feel the Sting with Stinger Brands?

The Saint

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Welcome to the following new additions to our distribution channel.




Cyclists Workshop - Sundowner Johannesburg


Just Cycles - Alberton Johannesburg


To The T Nutrition - Boksburg Johannesburg




Visit our website to find a store in your area at Stinger Brands




Not in your area yet - we will be soon MuXmAn2010-02-24 13:38:39

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Did you know that Stinger Olympus Athlete Cream can be used for the following




?     Bacterial Infections


?     Athlete?s Foot


?     Blisters


?     Inflammatory Conditions


?     Saddle Sores


?     Tendonitis and muscle stiffness


?     Sprains and swellings


?     Preventative measure ? fungal infections


?     Preventative measure ? bacterial infections




Come on guys get out there and support us please. Remember if our product is not yet in a shop near you, PM me and for R70 incl postage we will ship you the product of your choice.





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That's exactly what it is supposed to do!! Thanks for the feedback. Had a guy today phone me to tell me he had such bad saddle sores that he could not sit and they are completely gone in 3 days!!




Has been a good day thus far for results!! Love it wooohooo

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Yuo can also add relief for cracked heels to your list. I have used your cream on my heels for only two days, and the are almost completely healed. Another day or so and they should be completely healed.

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WheelSuck + I are new Loyal Customers....

Got toasted in the overcast conditions on Saturday and rad006 got me the After Sun cream. The next day the burn was gone and so was redness. 


Also used the Athlete cream, I am a recent convert to shammy cream, gives a sting if there is open skin but then quickly it is gone and then relief!


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Good stuff Wheelsuck. That sting that you feel on the open skin is the CHDFA getting to work showing the bacteria who is boss.



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So for those of you who are doubting the ability of Stinger Creams, here is the head of Lee Stockenstrom the owner of Sweat and Gears after an untimely accident with a table.








Here is that same head a few days later.








Another convert who now swears by the stuff.





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  • 3 months later...

Welcome the the following new edition to our distribution channel.




COMPLETE CYCLIST - Fourways Johannesburg




Pop into this store it really is something to see and maybe pickup yourself a BH G5 whilst you are about it.




Contact details will be available on our Website under store locator.



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