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Need help on decent road bike

Mr blu78

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Any assistance a decent new or 2nd hand road bike would be much appreciated. I am only dipping my toes into the cycle world and thus I have decided to enter the argus for the first time ever and am clueless on what's what in terms of bikes. I have been advised of cycle traders in CT to find good deals, but I would only be able to tell how something was by the price and not by the actual quality of the goods itself.




Basically I am not looking to break the bank and just want good quality that will do the job!!




Some constructive insight would be appreciated.

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There is two places that come to mind in Cape Town. Soloped in Bree street. Bernie may have a nice second hand bike as he trades in and then sells your old one. Or Bicycle Maintenance Centre , corner of Devon and Albert street Woodstock. Avron deals also in second hand bikes.

The first is to look at the best quality frame, hear what I say.

The frame is what is going to last any amount of years, the gears or brakes, pedals and wheels is what will be replaced at anytime from wear and tear.

A good quality frame is a much better investment than a top end gear shifters and brakes, ie. the groupset.

Today the frames may have carbon pieces on say the front fork or the rear supports. The gears start with two or three front blades on the crank, ie.  the pedal. You can get anything upto 11 gears at the back.

Always start small, say three in front on the crank, pedal and 7, 8 or 9 on the back. All bikes today can be around 10kg and costing anything from R3000 up.

Once you have seen some bikes and have got an idea, go and do some homework. Check at what that bike would cost new, chat to people who have a bike like that. Do not always jump for the first offer you see. Ask some questions and talk to some other cyclist.

Have fun shopping and enjoy the sport.  

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To be honest, i wasin the same boat not too long ago, knew lots about mtb,but not much on road.

I settled on a  bike with Shimano 105 Groupset. I dont think you should settle for less. Its very good and well priced.


The Raleigh 6000Alu makes a lot of sense at 12k, or second hand look for something with 105, its a good entry and all you need for a long time. my 2c
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How tall are you and have you got a size in mind?




Question sounds very very suspect........... but one should als ask what groupset. what type of construction.




Wheels groupset?

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Cheers for the interest thus far!!




Want to spend initially in the region of 5k, but like the idea of getting a good frame to start off with and all the rest just good enough for now.


At the later stage when and if the bug bites I can just build up from there....it seems that the cost of bike accesories are endless.




In terms of bike size, once again I have no idea what is suitable. I am about 5 11' in height.

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sounds like a 54 to me, but do no take my word for it. Go to a REPUTABLE cycle shop, and have you measured for the correct size.

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I hear the frame theory, but your first bike is not likely to be the one you end up riding the tour the France with.  I think you should look for a nice all in one package  - this time of year when the 2010 bikes are being released you can probably negotiate a big discount on an 2009 new bike.  Be careful of a second hand bike, as you might find a lot of the components are quite worn and replacing them can cost more than buying a whole new bike.  


There are a lot of good entry level bikes that will do more than serve its purpose until you decide how serious you are going to take your road biking.  Have a look at the value for money brands such as Schwinn, Merida or Raleigh.
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