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2010 Specialized Enduro Stolen


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Hi All


I was attacked by four men on Tuesday 27/10 in Kempton Park. My brand new Specialized was stolen after I was severely beaten up and left for dead.


To my knowledge this is the only one in the country. Please let me know if you see it.


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Sht, that's horrible!!!  This is the one you were trying to sell wasn't it?


Glad to hear you are OK.  How are YOU doing?
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I wanted to sell but I took her to Cyclelab for a setup.

Turned out that she was the right size - just felt awkward because I've never been on F/S bike. I could drop the seatpost when things got technical.


I am a but buggerd. Was in hospital until Friday. Had to get facial reconstruction surgery. Seeing doc again today. I might have a CSF leak. (cerebral spinal fluid)


Happened at CR Swart Bridge.
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  • 3 weeks later...

Eish .... which CR Swart bridge - railway?

I usually come down from Monument, turn rt into CR Swart then left into Kelvin and past Festival Mall.
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