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I have a 11-23 10 speed ultegra cassette on my bike which I have just put on as I have been racing in the junior group.


This 11-23 cassette has hardly ever been used. But noticed the other day when setting up the gears, when i am on the 11T sproket the chain jumps up and down like crazy making it unridable in that gear.


What i noticed that 2 of the 11 teeth are bent inwards causing the chain to climb and then drop again.


I was wondering if it is possible and safe just to bend these 2 teeth back into  place?? or is that sproket now useless?




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the two teeth are probably the two ramp teeth that allow for easy shifting under pressure. I cannot possibly understand how anyone could easily bend the 11 tooth sprocket anyhow.




The issue is more likely that your d?railleur is probably not aligned properly. one of the small adjustment screws sets how far out (away from the wheel) the d?railleur can move...adjust that one a little (quarter turn at a time) until the chain stops jumping.

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those tooth are not that difficult to bend, i have done so when removing a cassette using the chain whip.


bent the tooth back carefully and it is still working fine!

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^ +1




You can get 11t sprockets separately.


Do you know where I am able to buy 11T sprockets??


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Also just check that you have an 11t lockring as a 12t lockring is bigger and doesn't allow the chain to sit properly on the sprocket and will cause the same symptoms as you have descibed...I doubt very much the teeth are bent...its nigh impossible to do...

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