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seatpost removal


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I've seen post on this topic before so a link to the discussion would be appreciated.

I have to pack my bike for travel and my seatpost doesnt want to budge. It makes a horrible squeak when I add force. What is the best way to get it loose form the carbon frame?????


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Sparta.... was going to wade in with how I did it about a week ago - think inverted frame - screws through the top of the seatpost head into a plank of wood - twist and lift - twist and lift - twist and lift...


And then I saw your frame was a carbon one - whereas mine is a Ti frame... BIG difference... good luck - especially since you proesumably want to keep the post - from what I can remember, most advice involved getting the post out, but at the price of irreparable damage to it... Ermm
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The post Alu or Carbon? Normally the best way is two sit there with some amonia and a steam cleaner. Syringe amonia around the base of the post, let it sink it. Wait 20 odd minutes and give it a tug. The idea is the that the amonia loosens the bonded post, eats away at the oxidation. If that fails steam clean the base and try again.


It's worked before, just keep at it. Good luck.

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