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Security at 94.7 Waterpoints


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This will be my first 94.7 race and I can be classified as a "nervous novice" as mentioned/described in the race magazine.




However, I am really looking forward to the adventure tomorrow !




Just one question: When I stop at a waterpoint to go to the toilet, what are the chances that my bike will have 'disappeared' when I get back from the loo?





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You are making me an "extra nervous novice" but fortunately, I do not have a very expensive or nice-looking bike. Just an ordinary MTB with slicks !

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Never heard of a problem where bikes went missing but if you are concerned ask one of the marshals to look after it.

Good luck and enjoy.
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u should be working harder' date=' sweat it out so u dont need to pee :) [/quote']




Many a true word is spoken in a jest!




As was mentioned, despite the many litres of Coke, water and Energade consumed during the really hot race, I did not need a toilet break !

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