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How to Lighten my bike?


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I have a Ridley exclibur frame (1.2 kg)


built up with Veloce groupset, Ksyrium elite wheels and item stem and bars....


What are the best ways to lighten this bike?


Keeping in mind i don't have big budget...

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9kg sounds awefully heavy for the build you mention. I'd be inclined to believe a 8.0 to 8.3kg figure.


send detailed parts list, then we talk.


how much do you weigh btw?


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This is just my personal opinion and will probably get shot down for what im about to say, but I went thru this little exercise some time ago.

Unless you are seriously good cyclist, what is the point really cos by the time you spent all that money lightening the bike you may as well have bought a newer and lighter bike anyway.

Also look at your times. Is 0.5kg gonna make such a big difference to your times. If you doing a 100km in 3h30 its probably gonna make you 1 minute faster. 1 minute faster for a couple of grand - is it really worth it.


Just a thought!


Train harder, get fitter and stronger and you will go faster.


Hahaha this is coming from a guy with a carbon bike and carbon this and carbon that, but that cos i got it all at a bargain price.


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Get a SRAM Force 2010 Grouppo from Icycling. It's R8200 and only a couple grams heavier than SRAM Red. That will bring the weight down a lot! Sell the old grouppo here on the hub for smaller bits and bobs after that Thumbs%20Up

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