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New Hubs, Rims & Disks


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The time has come for me to start upgrading the components on my Superlight, so I'm looking for some suggestions on which products I should seriously consider. If you suggest alternatives, why?




The 2 options here are DT Swiss 240s & Chris Kings  (both 32h). From a weight perspective, the net difference between both sets are 55g in favour of the DT's. Price wise the CK's are approx R1.5k more expensive.




The 2 options here are DT Swiss 4.1/4.2D & Stans ZTR Olympic. Stans are approx 100g lighter but double the price. Yes, I run tubeless but don't consider tubeless rims a necessity, so haven't given them too much thought.




DT Super Comp




Here I'm considering the Formula Oro K24's. 180mm for the front & 160mm in the rear. These have excellent reviews on mtbr.



Thoughts ?








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Easton XC Ones Thumbs%20Up


Ive had them on my bike since Jan and thay are amazing! Very well priced and pretty light weight. Only thing is they are not tubless, but thats easy to overcome.
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My current choices are: DT 240S hubs, serviced my hubs the other day and they were still good! Spokes Sapim CX-Ray, in lieu of these take the Super Comps, rims Stans ZTR 355's not Olympics, I wanted a slightly stiffer rim. And brakes are old XT levers with XTR calipers, and only use the metal sintered pads not the others, they are crap!

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Guest Big H

Look at the Sun Ringle rims as well they are excellent value for money. Combined with the Chris King Hubs and the DT spokes it would be an excellent wheelset. You get a DT nipple that "locks" the thread. Worth looking at. I am sure you can get this combination under the custom wheelsets on www.chainreactioncyles.com  Go and look there .... way cheaper than RSA and you only pay for shipping and 14%VAT Look at your other requirement as well. Just make sure you order the correct components. Other hubbers has gone this way.... got the wrong items and had to send back and pay for re-shipping. THAT IS EXPENSIVE!!!!!!

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Big H, was looking at purchasing at CRC, even my lbs agrees with me.


If I go for the ZTR rims, will purchase these locally and get the wheels built here.


Zaskar, in terms of the Eastons, I can find one review on MTBR and it isn't very flattering. Wink



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DT swiss 240s

Shimano XTR M970

American Classic

Ringle Dirty Flea

Chrsi KIng


These would be my choice in order of preference. Chris Kings are just so darn expensive and they do have a lot of drag on the freehub. They last forever though if yu get the black or silver hub. The rest fade and look naff within a year or two.




Mavic X819 UST

NOTUbe ZTR 355

NoTUbes XTR Olympic


again in order of preference. The Mavics are storng and not too heavy



DT swiss Revolution

Sapim CX Ray

DT Swiss Super comp (industry std)




Shimano XTR BR-M975

Shimano XT BR -M775 (not available yet)

Formula Oro / Avid Juicy 7 or ultimate

Hayes ElCamino




Shimano XTR

DT Swiss

Cane Creek Chronos MTB




All make excellent wheelsets.

I hate Crossmax......reliability is poo

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Guest Big H

Do not forget the Hope Disks or for that matter Hope Hubs that are QR / 20mm convertable.. The agent is situated in Midrand and is International Trade... speak to Alan @ 011 452 6587. Big H2007-05-31 06:09:47

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Hubs: nothing else than the 240S's, there's no better hub, these swiss oakies knew what they were doing.

For the others, get in contact with some mechanics, they'll tell you which they have problems with.
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